What is a Reference Date?

The Security Of Payment Act legislation says this about reference dates: “(1) On and from each reference date under a construction contract, a person:

(a) who has undertaken to carry out construction work under the contract, or

(b) who has undertaken to supply related goods and services under the contract,
is entitled to a progress payment.”

In other words: A claimant cant make claims under the Security Of Payment Act whenever they want to or at any time they complete some work. A claimant can only make a claim either on or after a reference date.

Security O Payment Act Reference Date

So the question is when does a reference date occur?

The Security Of Payment Act makes two provisions for a reference date to occur.

The first is:

“(a) a date determined by or in accordance with the terms of the contract as the date on which a claim for a progress payment may be made in relation to work carried out or undertaken to be carried out (or related goods and services supplied or undertaken to be supplied) under the contract,”

This is generally referred to in a contract as the “date or time for making a claim” and is usually somewhere around the 201th – 25th of each month

Security Of Payment Act Contractual Reference Dates

The second of the two provisions that the Security Of Payment Act makes for a reference date to occur is known as the “default of the Act”:

“(b) if the contract makes no express provision with respect to the matter-the last day of the named month in which the construction work was first carried out (or the related goods and services were first supplied) under the contract and the last day of each subsequent named month.”

In other words if you carried out work at anytime in the month of May then you can claim for that work on or after 31 May.

But remember, you must wait until the reference date to claim:

“(5) A claimant cannot serve more than one payment claim in respect of each reference date under the construction contract.”

But if you have done some work in a previous month that has been paid for yet you can include that in the current claim.

“(6) However, subsection (5) does not prevent the claimant from including in a payment claim an amount that has been the subject of a previous claim.”

Security Of Payment Act Default Reference Dates

Some contracts can attempt to limit the amount and or availability of reference dates

A contract may say for example that a final claim can only be served on a certain date and it must be within a certain period. But this would be considered a clause that attempts to modify the way the Security of Payment Act operates and would be considered as “contracting out of the Act” which is outlawed by the Act: “(1) The provisions of this Act have effect despite any provision to the contrary in any contract. (2) A provision of any agreement (whether in writing or not): (a) under which the operation of this Act is, or is purported to be, excluded, modified or restricted (or that has the effect of excluding, modifying or restricting the operation of this Act), or (b) that may reasonably be construed as an attempt to deter a person from taking action under this Act,”

The Act states that a claimant can serve a payment claim for building & construction works (in NSW at least) for a period up to 12 months after work was last carried out: “A payment claim may be served only within: (a) the period determined by or in accordance with the terms of the construction contract, or (b) the period of 12 months after the construction work to which the claim relates was last carried out (or the related goods and services to which the claim relates were last supplied), whichever is the later.”

Contractual Bars To Security Of Payment Act Reference Dates

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The Security Of Payment Act adjudication process is no different – it requires specialist services to not only be successful for the full amount of your claim, but even to make it past the first hurdle; and that is that the adjudicator must be satisfied that the contract, the works, the payment claim and service thereof, the format of the adjudication application all meet the requirements of the Security Of Payment Act and empower him to make a determination.

There Are Five Issues An Adjudicator Determines

1.      Whether the Act applies.

2.      Whether the Claimant is entitled under the Act to full payment of the Payment Claim that is the subject of this Adjudication Application.

3.      What is the due date for payment?

4.      What rate of interest is the Respondent liable to pay, if any?

5.      Who is liable to pay the Adjudicators Fees

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Security Of Payment Act Adjudication Applications

What Makes An Adjudication Application Successful?

A solid payment claim underpins success at adjudication. That is step number one and the most critical. Secondly your adjudication application must present a comprehensive and legally correct argument with sufficient supporting evidence to convince an adjudicator that you are entitled to payment in full.

Why Most Lawyers Just Don’t Get The Adjudication Application Process

Lawyers have the wrong mindset for this process. They are just not interested in a process that prevents them from charging endless hours for endless correspondence and endless hearings. The adjudication process is as much about understanding building & construction as it is about understanding the way the Security Of Payment Act legislation is intended to operate.

You Have Limited Time & Opportunities To Apply For Ajudication

The Security Of Payment Act legislation is vert strict on when and  how many opportunities you have to apply for adjudication. Make sure you understand the process before you start. Even before you prepare and serve your payment claim / ordinary invoice.

The Security Of Payment Act process is a way to get the debt recovery process happening very quickly and to get a outcome very quickly.

Security Of Payment Act Law Is For The Recovery Of Debts For Contractors, Suppliers, Consultants In Building & Construction

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Security Of Payment Process & Staged Fees

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On the reference date we can serve the payment claim, after 10 business days we can serve a second notice, after a further 5 business days we can apply for adjudication, within about 3 weeks of applying for adjudication we will get a judgement and can collect the money.

Security Of Payment Act Process Has Strict Timelines

Look here at your State’s Security Of Payment Act Flowchart to see the process for yourself

Security Of Payment Act Demands A Response

If a debtor ignores a security of payment claim – we win. If a debtor is late replying to a security of payment claim – we win.

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Each of the states parliaments in Australia have made laws (passed, enacted legislation) to help those working in the building & construction industry get paid for their work quickly and cheaply.

Security Of Payment Act Laws Are State Based

The state where the actual construction project is situated determines which security of payment act legislation is to be used for you to claim under.

Security Of Payment Act Laws Are Available Australia Wide

 See Security Of Payment Act Legislations here

The Security Of Payments Act Legislation Was Brought In To Make Debt Collection For Contractors, Suppliers & Consultants In Building & Construction Quick, Easy & Affordable !

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The Building & Construction Industry Security Of Payment Act Legislation is State based.

Scroll through our site for your relevant State, your relevant State is the State where the construction works were carried out.

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