Security Of Payment Act Reference Dates

Understanding what Reference Dates are is very important for ever building & construction subcontractor, contractor, supplier, consultant. Here we explain everything you need to know about Reference Dates.


Adjudication Applications

Security Of Payment Act Adjudication Applications prepared, lodged, and managed for building & construction payment disputes – Security Of Payment Act legislation is fast, low cost, and highly successful.


Security Of Payment Act Is Prompt

The security of payment act process is a way to get the debt recovery process happening very quickly and to get a outcome very quickly.


Security Of Payment Is Affordable Debt Collection For Contractors In Building & Construction

This does not necessarily mean it is a dead end. You still have options…


Security Of Payment Is Fast Debt Collection For Building & Construction Contractors

On the reference date we can serve the payment claim, after 10 business days we can serve a second notice, after a further 5 business days we can apply for adjudication, within about 3 weeks of applying for adjudication we will get a judgement and can collect the money.

Security Of Payment Act Process Has Strict Timelines

Look here at your State’s Security Of Payment Act Flowchart to see the process for yourself

Security Of Payment Act Demands A Response

If a debtor ignores a security of payment claim – we win. If a debtor is late replying to a security of payment claim – we win.

This is why We Will Get Our Clients Their Money As Quick As A Few Days Or Only As Much As Six Weeks More Than 9 times out of 10.

Call our Security Of Payments Act Expert and let us tell you how!

Security of Payment Is Debt Collection Made Easy For Building & Construction Contractors

It may be time to formalise your debt. DO NOT DELAY. Secure your Position NOW!


Security Of Payment Act Legislation

Payment Claims – those that are legally binding and those that aren’t…


Security Of Payment - Solution For Construction Debt Collection

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Using The Security Of Payment Act Means Fast Recovery of Your Money At Minimal Cost With Little Risk

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The Building & Construction Industry Security Of Payment Act Legislation is State based.

Scroll through our site for your relevant State, your relevant State is the State where the construction works were carried out.

  • Security Of Payments Act NSW  –  New South Wales
  • Security Of Payments Act QLD  –  Queensland
  • Security Of Payments Act VIC   –   Victoria
  • Security Of Payments Act ACT  –  Australian Capital Territory
  • Security Of Payments Act  SA   –   South Australia
  • Security Of Payments Act TAS  –  Tasmania
  • Construction Contracts Act WA – West Australia

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