Security Of Payment Act Victoria Adjudication

Adjudication under the BCISPA 2002 Claimants are assured of a means of fast dispute resolution.

The process is commenced by the Claimant preparing and lodging an application with  an authorised nominating authority and serving an exact copy on the respondents ordinary place of business.

Important elements of an adjudication application are the written submission which must make the case to compel the adjudicator to value the payment claim in the full amount, evidence in support of the claimants position and of course  all of the relevant contractual documents for the project.

The Respondent is only entitled to lodge a response to the adjudication application if they have served a valid payment schedule.

The Adjudicator has 10 business days after the adjudication response is lodged or due to deliver a determination for the application.

This is a brief outline –  for more detailed information about Adjudication visit Building & Construction Industry Security Of Payment Act 2002 Adjudication Application Information.