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Unlike most other preparers, we are are Australia’s No 1 Debt Recovery and Debt Collection Company not only in New South Wales (NSW), but serving the Building & Construction Industry Australia wide.

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Adjudication Applications Made Easy

We all know that the building & construction industry is made up of specialist trades.

The Security Of Payment Act adjudication process is no different – it requires specialist services to not only be successful for the full amount of your claim, but even to make it past the first hurdle; and that is that the adjudicator must be satisfied that the contract, the works, the payment claim and service thereof, the format of the adjudication application all meet the requirements of the Security Of Payment Act and empower him to make a determination.

There Are Five Issues An Adjudicator Determines

1.      Whether the Act applies.

2.      Whether the Claimant is entitled under the Act to full payment of the Payment Claim that is the subject of this Adjudication Application.

3.      What is the due date for payment?

4.      What rate of interest is the Respondent liable to pay, if any?

5.      Who is liable to pay the Adjudicators Fees

Adjudication Now

My father taught me that; “He who hesitates is lost!”

Call us now, get the adjudication application preparation done properly and gain a deeper understanding of the Security Of Payment Act at the same time.

We have over 35 years of experience collecting payments in the building & construction industry and I know that superior service delivers fast resolution of your cash-flow / profitability issues suffering at the hands of slow payers and non payers.

We have successfully prepared, lodged and managed thousands of adjudication applications. Know how, experience, results.

Each State’s own Security Of Payment Act legislation has differing time frames so move decisively and quickly to enable maximum time can be spent preparing a quality adjudication application.

Security Of Payment Act Adjudication Applications

What Makes An Adjudication Application Successful?

A solid payment claim underpins success at adjudication. That is step number one and the most critical. Secondly your adjudication application must present a comprehensive and legally correct argument with sufficient supporting evidence to convince an adjudicator that you are entitled to payment in full.

Why Most Lawyers Just Don’t Get The Adjudication Application Process

Lawyers have the wrong mindset for this process. They are just not interested in a process that prevents them from charging endless hours for endless correspondence and endless hearings. The adjudication process is as much about understanding building & construction as it is about understanding the way the Security Of Payment Act legislation is intended to operate.

You Have Limited Time & Opportunities To Apply For Ajudication

The Security Of Payment Act legislation is vert strict on when and  how many opportunities you have to apply for adjudication. Make sure you understand the process before you start. Even before you prepare and serve your payment claim / ordinary invoice.