Security Of Payment Act QLD

Debt Recovery for building & construction contractors who have worked on a construction project within the state of Queensland.

Brief Description Of Security Of Payment Queensland:


Object of the Act:  To ensure continuity of payment to any person who undertakes to carry out construction work under a construction contract.

Rights to progress payments:   On and from each Reference date any person who has undertaken construction work under a construction contract is entitled to a progress payment.

Payment Claims:   A payment claim must identify the construction work, must indicate the amount claimed, & must state that is is made under the Act.

Payment Schedules:   A payment schedule must identify the payment claim to which it relates & must indicate the amount of the payment (if any)  the respondent proposes to make.

Second Notices:   If no payment schedule is received a claimant must serve a second notice warning the respondent of the claimants intention to apply for adjudication.

Adjudication Applications:   A claimant may apply for adjudication of a payment claim if he disputes a payment schedule or if full payment isn’t received by the due date.

Adjudication Responses:   A respondent may lodge an adjudication response if they have served a valid payment schedule.

Adjudication:   An adjudicator will review both parties applications / responses, written submissions, & written and photographic evidence

Determination:   Once the adjudicator has determined whether the claimant is entitled to payment and who is responsible for his fee the determination is released upon payment of the adjudicators fee.

Act binds the Crown:   This Act binds the Crown in right of Queensland and, in so far as the legislative power of Parliament permits, the Crown in all its other capacities.

Judgement:   If the Respondent does not pay within 7 days an adjudicators certificate can be obtained and entered as a judgement on the court record.

Enforcement / Recovery:   Once judgement is obtained it can be enforced and the monies recovered from the debtor.

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Security Of Payment Timelines For QLD Legislation

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